A Dog Named Freckles

February snow blows all around and my dogs are bundled up against the cold. They make a tunnel to the back of the yard. There is a quick turn around after their pit stops and they return fluffy with snow! Like me, they tend to stay indoors a lot, all cozy under a blanket! This has been a relatively easy winter compared to last year. (I know the’ Snow Gods’ will get me for that statement!)

Below are pictures of Kaylee, Freckles and River (left to right.) Enjoy the article on our Freckles and how she came to join our family. This article was written for a friend in California who will be putting it on her blog soon.

I know a few of my friends have lost their beloved pets lately. My heart goes out to them in their grief. Their time with us always seems too short. They give unconditional love to us like only a pet can. Treasure your memories.

Kaylee Freckles and River

Kaylee Freckles and River

I first met Freckles (a terrier + your guess is as good as mine kind of dog) at my best friend Karen’s place here in London, Ontario, Canada in 2012. She was an older rescue dog. When I would arrive at Karen’s place Freckles not only barked incessantly, but jumped on you and then began the spins. She made me dizzy watching her. She could not stop. While Karen and I sat drinking our tea and chatting, I did some Reiki on Freckles. This began to show some results on subsequent visits when her spinning was greatly reduced and also the barking and jumping was reduced as well. She genuinely seemed happy to see me and would come over for me to work on her.

Sadly in August of 2013 my friend passed away. She had always told me that she wanted to come back as one of my dogs! Her family tried to have Freckles in their homes, but to no avail. It was a very stressful time for her. My husband and I decided to add Freckles to our family, which already had two mini schnauzers. Well you can imagine the first few months. A lot of growling ensued, but no physical biting! Kaylee & River ignored her as much as possible at first, and would not allow her on the bed with them. I continued to Reiki all of our dogs.

2015 has arrived and now all the dogs are touching each other on the bed. Some disgruntled commentary when one of them moves, but other than that, all is calm. It is funny to watch them together. Freckles instead of being a bit aggressive when she first arrived, is now the calm one! She is making little noises the same as our mini schnauzers. I believe she thinks she is one! She no longer twirls. We were told originally that she did not like men, due to past abuse. She and my husband are best buddies. There is some jockeying done to see who will be the one sitting besides him. I continue to Reiki Freckles and watch as she soaks the energy up as she falls asleep. She has become an amazing addition to our family.

Karen told me once how much comfort Freckles gave her. She has done this as well for us. Karen may not have come back as one of our dogs, but a part of her resides in our little Freckles. Reiki helped Freckles to adjust, become calmer and to help resolve some of her anxiety issues.

Yours in health,

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