Nancee Marin

“I got started in energy healing in 2012 by having a few distant sessions using a combination of different modalities. Shortly afterwards, I found out about Reiki, but for some reason, I was reluctant to look into it further. It wasn’t until the following year that Reiki was back under the radar after I started developing 24/7 mold allergies. When things got even worse in the summer of 2014, I looked for a natural, non-invasive solution, fearing that I could probably be hospitalized if untreated. I knew that this wasn’t something that conventional treatment would be able to alleviate.

I stumbled upon Sue’s website, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve experienced reduction over time in my symptoms after a few distant sessions. After the first session, my nightly violent hacking cough gradually decreased over a period of four weeks before it was COMPLETELY GONE FOR GOOD! It has never come back ever since. It was by far the worst symptom of them all.

I also had trouble sleeping as I had dry throat and some wheezing from not being able to breathe normally due to having both nostrils blocked. So I found it amazing that I could get relief from about 2,300 miles away!

Around the same time I had worsening allergy symptoms and other ongoing life challenges, I got the idea to learn Reiki to help myself, people, and animal friends. I work with pets as one of my livelihoods. I was impressed with the results after the first session, so it was a no-brainer for me to take up Reiki. When Sue said that she offered home study courses, I jumped at the chance. I’ve completed first and second degrees. She has been very generous, patient, and inspiring in her training approach. Thanks to her, I’ve decided to become a professional Reiki practitioner. I never thought that I’d get into this stuff since I’d easily dismiss this as woo-woo, hocus-pocus stuff way back then!

It’s been an awesome experience noticing and feeling interesting sensations and reactions while giving myself and and others Reiki treatments. I also enjoy seeing my furry charges becoming calmer and having a stronger bond with them as a result of the treatments. Thank you so much for all that you do, Sue!”

Sherry Webb

“I have fibromyalgia and sometimes the pain in my joints, muscles and even skin are so intense I can do nothing more than to pace the room, hunched over in pain and tears streaming down my face. The fibro medication I was taking wasn’t working and I was desperate beyond words. I knew there had to be something out there to help me but, I sure didn’t know where to look for that help. Finally one day I was cruising a group that I am part of and saw a post by Reiki & Allergy Corrections by Sue. I had no idea what Reiki was so I checked out Sue’s blog and while doing so I saw an article called “Can Reiki Help Your Chronic Pain”. After reading the article I contacted Sue and booked my first appointment and then noticed that a friend of mine was a friend and client of Sue’s… small world. First off, Sue is a retired RN and a Reiki Master; before retiring, Sue incorporated her work as an RN and Reiki. I was definitely impressed and could hardly wait to meet Sue and see what she had to offer. Right away, I felt at ease and could hardly wait until the treatment started.Immediately I feel a sense of well-being, warmth and a sense of calm. The days that followed, my pain levels were definitely reduced and that sense of calm was staying with me most days (some days no matter how much calmness you feel, things conspire to REALLY, REALLY frost your socks and push that calm right out the window). I hadn’t expected that sense of calm but one thing that Sue had mentioned during our first session was that sometimes Reiki gives you what you need before giving you what you want. I am paraphrasing here but that is the message that came through to me. When I thought about it, I truly needed a sense of calm in my life… my mood could be volatile sort of like… no, exactly like a nuclear meltdown. One of the triggers for fibro pain is stress… so Reiki was giving me what I needed but didn’t realize it at the time… calmness = less stress, less stress = less fibro pain.

Stress however is only one trigger and much of fibromyalgia is not clearly understood by the medical community but if you ask a fibro sufferer, they will tell you how much fibro hurts, and the level that it affects every aspect of your life. It can be disabling, debilitating and take away the ability to enjoy things you used to enjoy doing… for me it was hiking miles in places like the Bruce Trail, enjoying the outdoors and taking hundreds of photos along the way.

So, I was calmer which was a blessing but the ongoing Reiki treatments were helping my knee as well. I tore my medial meniscus awhile back and have degenerative arthritis in the knee as well.. reiki was helping the chronic pain in my knee. All in all, I am so, so happy I saw the original post about Reiki and Allergy corrections by Sue and that my usual curiosity when I see a term I am not familiar with prompted me to check out Sue’s blog and that the first thing I saw that day was the title “Can Reiki Help Your Chronic Pain”. A couple months ago, I discussed with my Doctor’s Resident, the Reiki treatments that I was undergoing.. the first thing the Resident said was how great Reiki was… I hadn’t expected that but was definitely pleased.”

Pauline Duncan-Thrasher, Amazingly You

“I was so fortunate to benefit from Sue’s mini Reiki session on my lymphedema leg outside at a Spirituality Expo in the spring. During several days of high humidity my leg, for the first time in more than thirty years, did not feel full! I attribute this to Sue’s Reiki and to her sending of positive energy. You have a gift Sue.”

Brenda MacIntyre, Your Spirit Expressed for Success

“Before I worked with Sue, I was struggling with a lot of allergies and sensitivities, especially to my cats, dust, moulds, grasses, pollution and perfumes. Nothing was working to make me feel better. Spring came and hit me hard with one of the worst seasons ever for my allergy symptoms. My sinuses and breathing were affected way more than usual, as well as my eyes watering, that awful back of the throat itch, and just constant sneezing and tiredness. Plus I had just said yes to my daughter about getting a kitten and could hardly be around her or my other cat. As a coach and healer helping spiritual women entrepreneurs to birth their voice, gifts and power through their business, my own voice, my breath, and my energy levels are crucial, so with all these allergy symptoms getting in the way of that, I went to Sue for help. It is remarkable that in just a few distance sessions with Sue, I can now have our kitten cuddling up near my face and go into my daughter’s room where the kitten stays, without having a major sneeze attack every time. What’s more, I find myself able to breathe through my nose at night, which until I worked with Sue, I hadn’t been able to do for years. I also notice I’m not as affected by the perfumes that used to take me right out, or mould spores in the air, and yes, that’s me lying in the grass, without any sinus problems getting me down. Thank You Sue!”
“I had Sue work on my persistent hay fever and got great results! She did an initial session and one “tune up” and I have noticed a huge reduction in my allergy symptoms!!! ~ Randy Leigh, California

Kristy Heeres, Paris Ontario

“I am amazed by the power of Reiki! I have been having problems with kidney stones and was in hospital for over a week. The pain has been keeping me up for nights, and not allowing me to work, play with Charley, my toddler, or eat and take care of my growing baby properly. I contacted my friend Sue, who does Reiki and has done it on me in the past (for a dislocated shoulder). Today I woke up and for the first time in about 2 weeks I wasn’t in pain and reaching for pain pills and was able to eat breakfast. I thought, “Finally a good day!” I checked my messages just a minute ago and Sue had said she sent me Reiki at 5 am today and could tell that my left kidney was worse then my right (which is true) and she sent me energy. I am just so amazed by this. I had no idea that she had sent me the energy until long after I was feeling relief. Being in the health care field we are always looking for a cure, a pill, a surgery, something to cure this and that and sometimes we forget to look at holistic alternatives. I hope that those who have tried it all with no relief will look into Reiki and give it a shot. Thank you J. Suzanne Chapple-White!!”
“I have known Sue White for over 24 years. She has been able to relieve a great deal of pain in my jaw (from TMJ & surgeries) through the use of reiki. I have found the reiki treatments to be very relaxing. I have also had many of my allergies to food addressed over the years, with good results. My ankle & leg were quite swollen and in an open cast from a hairline fracture. Through the use of reiki, my leg returned to its normal size and the pain was greatly reduced. I have trusted Sue White throughout the years. She has been able to reduce the amount of pain that had been with me almost daily. I would recommend her to anyone who needs the soothing touch of reiki or for allergy corrections.” ~ Helen Melrose, Toronto Ontario

Karen Brown, London Ontario

“I have enjoyed the wonderful healing help of my professional Reiki friend Sue White. I find the long lasting effects of her helpful hands most beneficial. If you are uncomfortable, try Reiki.”
“In 2000, Sue Chapple-White reversed a lifelong, severe allergy I had to cats. I had just married a woman with two cats, one of them a longhair Manx Coon. Well, its 12 years later and we still have those very same two cats. Occasionally, either or both of them sleep in our bed with us; last night Angel, the Manx Coon, slept right beside my head the entire night. Nothing. The terrible symptoms that used to — for many years — put me into a severe allergic reaction are gone. The technique that Sue uses is nothing short of a miracle and I am forever grateful. Interestingly, I have even grown to become quite fond of the cats, especially Phoebe. This is a very good thing, of course, because my wife Marian and those two cats were a package deal!” ~ Jon White, Island Grove, Ontario
“I received Reiki treatment from Sue over a period of six months. I initially sought treatment for stress-related gastro-intestinal symptoms that seemed to be ever-present. Sue did a thorough history and discussed with me her approach to treatment. Such treatment included some dietary changes and a series of Reiki treatments.

I found her treatments relaxing, yet energizing as I able to sleep more soundly. I am no longer feeling the initial symptoms. This is such a relief after experiencing these symptoms for such a long time.” ~ Karen, London, Ontario